USB-Power-Meter Image

To measure the Voltage and the voltage drop I needed a stable reference voltage. This means I can not power the ATtiny without regulation and use this voltage as a reference. Instead I’ve chosen to use the internal 1.1 volt reference the ATtiny offers. This way I need to split the voltages down so the are around that 1.1 volt area instead of the +5 volts of USB.

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DIL-Duino Image

DIL-Duino uses the QFN Version of the ATTiny85 and a USB Bootloader to provide the easy to use Arduino stack in a single DIL-8 Package Footprint.

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Light Based Clock for visually impaired

I made this clock for my father for his birthday. Since some years he has lost most of his vision and with the design of the clock I tried to make it easy for him to read the time without having to recognize the position of some small clock hands.

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Rottweil Skyline

This is a christmas present for my brother. The skyline is from my hometown Rottweil where he still lives. The skyline is really recognizable if you ever visited the city.

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Ceiling Lamp

Ceiling Lamp Image

This is the newest addition to our LivingRoom. It’s a normal LED Ceilinglamp with some extras:

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Free eBook - Einführung in die Netzwerk Sicherheit

During the last semester, I’ve written some reports for the Lecture “Praktikum Network Security”. Now I collected all these and put them together into a free eBook.

German Version only

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Wall Light

Wall Light Image

An ambient, full colored, Arduino based Wall Light. The case is based on a cheap IKEA ceiling lamp. The color of the light can be changed through a simple serial bluetooth protocol.

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Weather Display

Weather Display Image

This projects pony purpose is to display the current weather for a settable location. There is nothing more, so it is more kind of a decoration object than something useful.

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Lightprime Image

An ambient light with 9 single WS2812 RGB Pixel, completely programmable over PC

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Waking Wind Receiver

Waking Wind Receiver Image

Waking Wind is a webservice with realtime weatherdata for windsportmen. The slogan “real-time wind data from anywhere to everywhere” describes the focus of easy data retrieval even from the most abandoned places as well as the easy access to the data on-the-go.

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Wall Clock

Wall Clock Image

This is a wall mounted clock featuring the JY-MCU Lattice Clock. Added functionality for Bluetooth Support, a Thermometer function. All controllable over an Android App.

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Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock Image

This project was my very first Microcontroller experiment (well, except a simple Blink LED program to test if I can program the Atmega 328 with my newly bought Arduino).

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Project Ambrosia

Project Ambrosia Image

In the winter term 2012/2013 i was part of the development team of a 3d action adventure, which we developed as part of our studies on campus. We wrote our own game engine based on the 3d renderer ogre.

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