Waking Wind Receiver

Waking Wind is a webservice with realtime weatherdata for windsportmen. The slogan “real-time wind data from anywhere to everywhere” describes the focus of easy data retrieval even from the most abandoned places as well as the easy access to the data on-the-go.

Open Source Hardware This Project is fully open source and publicly released on github under the MIT License. Any further contribution to this project is highly appreciated

This project was created during the summer semester 2013 at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. I created this project together with my fellow student Thorsten Schaeff.

Our goal was it to create a realtime weather service for wind sportsmen in egypt. Often, these people live far away from the surf spot without access to accurate wind speed data.

My task was to create a cheap receiver for a wireless weather station with an interface to a pc to collect and save the data. This task seems to be easy at first, but I ended up to reverse engineer the whole protocol of the weather station, read a lot about wireless protocols and learn quite a lot! (Even more because this was only my second Project I created using Microcontrollers and electronics. A complete report of the results can be found here [German version only]

The final product features the outside station of a cheap weather station, the custom receiver, a RaspberryPi to collect the data and send it to the Webserver, a Website and a Mobile App for Android that let you set an Alarm and notifies you as soon as the windspeed exceeds a set threshold.