An ambient light with 9 single WS2812 RGB Pixel, completely programmable over PC

This project started as many others when I was browsing the Internet and thought: Hey these WS2812 LEDs look pretty cool, what can I do with them? As the uncreative person I am I did the most obvious and decided to build a ambient light, but I also decided to make it a little more unique by adding a SD Card slot and make it fully programmable with a PC.

Also this should be my first fully SMD based PCB, but after the first 3 attempts to solder that ATmega 328 on the board with my crappy soldering iron i gave up and ordered a Arduino micro from eBay. At least the rest of the board is still SMD.

For the case I ordered 5pcs. of 20x20 cm acrylic glass which is 40% translucent. This gives a nice blurry mix of the single Pixels. The case is edged in aluminum profiles to hide the silicone I used to glue the case together.

I decided to give each pixel a seperate PCB which adds a lot complexity but looks nicer if the case is open.

The Application to write the Programs is written in Java and uses the macwidgets by exploding pixels for a nice and native look.

As all my project that start with nothing but some components this is a present as it turned out really nice.

Hardware Features:

Software Features: