Ceiling Lamp

This is the newest addition to our LivingRoom. It’s a normal LED Ceilinglamp with some extras:

Open Source Hardware This Project is fully open source and publicly released on github under the MIT License. Any further contribution to this project is highly appreciated


I started planning this Project right when I began to write my bachelors thesis. It took quite some self-control to not dive right into it, but it kept me motivated to finish the thesis ASAP so I can begin the project without any guilty conscience.

Right after I’ve sent the thesis out for printing, I startet breadboarding the circuit. At this point I already had a very clear Idea about what features I wanted to implement. Also, I already had most of the parts needed (one part took 7 weeks from China to Germany).

What I’ve done in this project (only what has gone into the end product)

The Fails / Lessons learned

Sometimes projects get a little tricky if things don’t work the way you expected them. This project was no different. In this section I want to tell you some of the problems I encountered while building the lamp.

and last but not least:

The Pictures