Rottweil Skyline

This is a christmas present for my brother. The skyline is from my hometown Rottweil where he still lives. The skyline is really recognizable if you ever visited the city.

This project actually was quite easy since I used many third-party components but the goal of this project was not so much to learn something but rather create a creative and beautiful art piece that you can hang on the wall. The end result has quite a polished look so I’m totally happy with the outcome.

The frame I used is from the treasure trove at Ikea. It originally was a door for a wall cupboard. It is made from aluminium profiles and real glass and nly did cost about 2€. It was quite a bargain since it was in perfect optical condition (maybe the second door was missing so they tossed it out?).

The skyline is cut from black, self-adhesive foil and I actually had to cut it by hand because the bed of my CNC was too small for the whole thing. But in the end it was not that big of a deal.

The backlight illumination is realized using a 2m strip of self-adhesive, white LEDs. I also cut open the profile on the back in one corner and put in a DC-Jack and an IR controller for the LEDs so the whole thing also is remote controllable.